Snap-On Smile® and Snap-It for Immediate Dental Improvement

At our practice, we are committed to your health, appearance, and self-confidence. For this reason, Dr. Lysandro Tapnio offers both Snap-On Smile® and Snap-It! These innovative devices, manufactured by DenMat®, will attach directly to your teeth without any prep work. In this way, the appliances can instantly improve your grin and replace missing teeth. Dr. Tapnio will take impressions and photos to ensure a natural look and fit for your snap-on device. Although he often uses Snap-On Smile® and Snap-It! as temporary solutions, he wants you to enjoy a stunning grin even if you are waiting for your final treatment. Contact us today to learn more about these devices and how they can benefit you.

Snap-On Smile®: Instantly Enhance Your Appearance

The Snap-On Smile® will completely transform your look in seconds. This innovative, removable appliance will fit directly over your teeth. By concealing your entire dental arch, the Snap-On Smile® can improve even the most severe cosmetic blemishes, including:

  • Dramatic stains
  • Gaps or misalignment
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Dental erosion
  • Unusually shaped or disproportionately sized teeth

To provide your Snap-On Smile®, Dr. Tapnio will take impressions of your entire upper and/or lower dental arch. These precise measurements can ensure that your device will fit securely and comfortably. He will also take pictures of your teeth and your entire face. In this way, the lab technicians can provide a Snap-on Smile® that matches your overall appearance and facial contours. It will usually take a few weeks for your Snap-On Smile® to come back from the lab. Once it does, you will come in to try it on. Then you will leave the office with a brand new smile!

The Snap-on Smile® is removable. You will need to take it out and clean it daily, but you will be able to eat while wearing it. Thanks to Dr. Tapnio’s great precision, it will not affect your bite or speech patterns. Best of all, most people will not be able to tell you are wearing a removable device.

Is the Snap-On Smile® Right for You?

The Snap-On Smile® can be a good option if you suffer from the cosmetic concerns listed above, but you are watching your budget. Like many people, you may choose the Snap-On Smile® while you save for a more extensive cosmetic procedure. You could also benefit from the Snap-On Smile® if you suffer from dental anxiety and do not want to undergo a multi-stage treatment.

Like many patients, you may choose the Snap-On Smile® as a temporary solution. For example, you might wear the custom mouthpiece if you are considering cosmetic treatment but have not made a final decision. You could also wear a Snap-On Smile® to get a good idea of what your grin will look like after your treatment.

Snap-It! Replaces Missing Teeth in a Minute

Supplied by the makers of the Snap-On Smile®, Snap-It! provides an instant, though temporary, replacement for up to five missing teeth. This custom-made device will snap on to the teeth adjacent to the gap in your smile. Snap-It! is removable, but you will be able to eat and sleep while wearing it. Nevertheless, you should take it off at least once a day for a thorough cleaning. To provide your temporary restoration, Dr. Tapnio will take impressions of your nearby teeth. Then the lab technicians will create a custom-made appliance that will correspond with the look and color of your smile.

Is Snap-It! Right for You?

Snap-It! is not intended as a permanent method of tooth replacement. However, it can be a great short-term option, particularly if you have chosen dental implants. After implant placement, you will typically have to wait four to six months before Dr. Tapnio can attach your final restoration. Snap-It! will enable you to retain near-complete dental function during this time.

Benefits of the Snap-It! Instant Restoration

Following implant placement, most dentists offer temporary replacement teeth known as “flippers.” However, these restorations are less than ideal. First, they look very unrealistic, and they will often slip around in your mouth. Second, the devices will often cover your soft palate, obscuring your sense of taste. Additionally, flippers can put pressure on your adjacent healthy teeth, weakening them or leading to enamel erosion. In other cases, these devices can press down on your newly placed implants or bone graft, increasing your risk for implant failure. Lightweight, non-invasive Snap-It! will not have these adverse effects on your appearance or dental health.

Learn More about These and Your Other Treatment Options

Contact our office today to learn more about how Snap-On Smile® and Snap-It! can instantly enhance your smile.