Dr. Lysandro Tapnio Offers Translucent Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces by 3M for a Comfortable Smile During Treatment and Optimal Results

Dr. Lysandro Tapnio of Jacksonville, FL is proud to offer the latest in translucent ceramic braces—Clarity™ ADVANCED Ceramic Braces by 3M. Far more comfortable than conventional metal braces and also barely visible when you smile, this is the type of bracket-and-wire braces you want if you are a patient who needs bracket-and-wire orthodontics to achieve optimal results.

Treatment with Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Braces by 3M involves brackets and arch wires like conventional metal braces, but the brackets are smaller and made of translucent ceramic that blends with the color of your teeth, making your braces blend into your smile. The brackets are designed for maximum comfort with a low profile and rounded corners. The application and removal of the ceramic brackets is also comfortable due to the ingenuity of 3M bonding and de-bonding system. Teens and adults are pleased with this alternative to metal braces because of their appearance and comfort. You will smile with confidence!

Dr. Tapnio is very precise when calculating the force needed for these braces, and he will make your treatment as gentle as possible. You will typically need to wear braces for 9 to 18 months, although this will depend on the severity of your misalignment. When your orthodontic treatment is completed, Dr. Tapnio will provide you with a retainer to keep your teeth from shifting back to their original positions.

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, orthodontics can improve not only your smile appearance but also create harmonious biting function, optimally space your teeth to facilitate thorough brushing and flossing, and improve your oral health for the many years to come.

  • Gapped teeth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Turned teeth
  • Overbite
  • Under bite
  • Cross bite
  • Open bite
  • Cosmetic misalignment

Your teeth will tingle for 2 to 3 days after your braces are applied and when they are adjusted. You will need to avoid chewy or hard foods, since they can damage your braces. Dr. Tapnio and his team will provide you with detailed information about cleaning your teeth while wearing these braces, but the good news is that the translucent brackets never discolor (stain) from the foods you eat and the beverages you drink. With at least twice daily brushing and once daily flossing, you will be able to maintain a healthy, white smile.

Because Clarity ADVANCED Braces from 3M are smoother and smaller than traditional metal braces, your lips and the inside of your cheeks will not be irritated. You will easily learn to speak and eat normally.

During the duration of your orthodontic treatment, it is vital that you maintain regular dental hygiene. Food and bacteria can easily get trapped beneath the wires, increasing your risk for tooth enamel discoloration and decay. Dr. Tapnio can recommend special tools that will make it easier to clean your teeth. You should also be vigilant about your regular dental visits—both for the success of your orthodontics and overall oral health.

Learn More About Orthodontic Treatment

If you are concerned about your dental alignment or your child’s oral health, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Tapnio. During this appointment, you will learn if Invisalign aligners or Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Braces by 3M are most appropriate for you, and the estimated duration and cost of your treatment. Don’t wait to have the the straighter smile that will enhance your other facial features, give you self-confidence, and provide a number of long-term health benefits, including:

  • Easier hygiene, which will lower your risk for decay and discoloration
  • A balanced, even bite
  • Improved speech
  • Reduced risk for bruxism and TMJ Disorder